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Welcome to home Construction Zimbabwe, Do you know the the feeling of owning your home, being the actual owner of the home you live gives you some sense of security.

Importance of owning a home in Zimbabwe

The Zimbabwean people appears to be in two minds about the housing situation in general in Harare. A recent survey indicated that about four fifth of the populace in Harare believed it was a good time to buy residential property and own your own stand and house in Harare, while roughly one fifth the same proportion considered constructing a house in the rural areas.

Own a house in zimbabwe

As a result, we are presented with Zimbabweans that wants to buy property, but is also wary and tired of doing so due to current perceived risks including economic hardships and difficult access to land / stands as well as exorbitant stand prices . This could easily be a reason for falling home ownership in Harare.

First time home owner

Meanwhile, on the first home buyer side, younger Zimbabweans the youth seem to be shifting their priorities away from ownership altogether. A recent launch of mortgages by NBS has helped some own stands through buying using mortgages.

While property investment appears to be a big motivation in Zimbabwe amongst the youth in zimbabwe compared to other generations, it is interesting to see their motivation appears to be heavily focused on a holiday and other social experiences, rather than owning a home. As home Construction Zimbabwe we urge the Zimbabwean your build a house using the affordable construction company like Home Construction Zimbabwe.

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